Why Rintis Sauce?

01. Quality ingredients

We are using only fresh and quality ingredients in all our sauce.

06. Perfect for dip, drizzle & spread

Turn your boring meals, desserts & breads into more interesting & tastier with our sauces.

05. Taste different

Our customers said, our sauces taste different from standard sauce they found on the market.

02. Carefully crafted

All our sauces were carefully crafted with delicate & thorough processes.

03. Homemade style

We choose to not mass-produce our sauces to ensure the perfect & rich taste.

04. Tailor-made recipe

Every recipes we used has been tailor-made until we get the perfect taste and texture.

Shop Rintis Sauce

Your sauce of happiness is one click away.

Caramel Sauce

RM 18.00

Chocolate Sauce

RM 18.00

Butterscotch Sauce

RM 18.00

What prople are saying

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Get your gift for free and send your happiness to your most precious person to make them smile with Rintis Smile.

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