Rintis believe in giving & making people smile.

Our Snek Riang is NOT FOR SALE.

Getting a surprise gift from someone will definitely make a person

smile. This is what we hope when we send our Snek Riang to

someone as a gift; to make people smile. One happy smile,

really makes our day.

We want to send happiness to as many people as possible.

And we want YOU to send your happiness to someone precious to you and make them smile.

Normal price: RM10 per pax

Postage charge: RM7.90

But with a SPECIAL COUPON from us,

Get SNEK RIANG for FREE and send your happiness for only RM5 postage charge.

Request your special coupon.

Request your SPECIAL COUPON today and send your happiness to your three most precious person to you.

  1. Key in your name, contact number & email on the next page and wait for our reply.
  2. We will send your a special coupon code to your contact number via whatsapp.
  3. You’ll get a special coupon that can be used three times but one per checkout only.
  4. You must use your three times special coupons within 2 weeks from the date you received it.

Got your special coupon?

If you got your SPECIAL COUPON, you can send your happiness to your three most precious person to you.

  1. Key in your special coupon code on checkout page to get your Snek Riang for FREE.
  2. Key in your receiver’s address information in shipping section on checkout page.
  3. You can use your special coupon code three times but one time per checkout only.
  4. You can send one Snek Riang to one person at one time only. Any other quantity will not be counted.

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